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        IGT Lottery Blog

        IGT's 2019 Instant Ticket Customer Workshop

        Posted 10/16/2019 by Cleo Andersen-Tarnell

        This year, IGT hosted its 12th annual instant ticket customer workshop in Bratislava, Slovakia, on the famed Danube River. Thirty participants ─ representing 11 lotteries and IGT instants experts ─ came together to share their knowledge of instant tickets.


        Using Second Chance Opportunities to Drive Lottery Sales

        Posted 09/24/2019 by Cleo Andersen-Tarnell

        One of the most effective tools lottery can use to drive interest in their games is exciting second chance prizes. IGT supports a full turnkey second chance platform, and develops and executes marketing programs and money-can’t-buy player experiences to support lotteries around the world. Learn more about these programs by downloading the case study.


        Putting the Wooh! into Scratch Games in Idaho

        Posted 08/08/2019 by Cleo Andersen-Tarnell

        The Idaho Lottery has seen great success in recent years implementing strategies to support profitable growth and maximize returns to Idaho’s Public Schools and the State’s Permanent Building Fund. Learn how IGT helped support this growth by downloading the case study.


        NASPL PDS: IGT Looks Beyond the Horizon

        Posted 08/02/2019 by Cleo Andersen-Tarnell

        Fourteen IGT subject matter experts discussed various aspects of lottery operation and growth across 12 speaking slots at this year’s NASPL Professional Development Seminar (PDS), held from July 22-25 in Phoenix, Arizona.


        IGT’s “The Voice® Experience” Delivers Chair-Spinning Fun

        The Voice Experience winners
        Posted 06/20/2019 by Cleo Andersen-Tarnell

        Thanks to their lotteries in Arizona, Indiana, Kansas, Manitoba, Missouri, Nebraska, New Jersey, Ohio, Rhode Island, and South Carolina, 40 winners of The Voice® second-chance promotion traded a non-winning instant ticket for six-day money-can’t-buy experience themed around the blockbuster television show.


        How Are Lotteries Taking Advantage of Changes at Retail?

        Lottery retail executives from Europe, New Zealand, and North America gathered at the 2019 Lottery Retail Workshop, hosted by IGT in London, April 29 to May 1, 2019.
        Posted 06/03/2019 by Michael Roygaard

        Twenty-one participants from 12 lotteries around the world discussed their successes and challenges with current retail initiatives when they joined IGT for the eighth annual Lottery Retail Workshop from April 29 to May 1, held this year in London.


        IGT Hosts 10th Annual Global Gaming Insights Exchange

        Posted 05/20/2019 by Gerard Caro

        Market researchers from across the lottery industry shared advances in new game research among other hot topics at IGT’s 10th annual Global Gaming Insights Exchange, held this year at IGT’s printing facility in Lakeland, Fla., on April 24 and 25. 


        Are the BATs & FAANGs Biting Yet?

        BATs and FAANGs thumb
        Posted 04/11/2019 by Sharon Duncalf

        Today’s so-called titan brands are poised to bite, causing organizations across all industries to respond as they exert a major influence on consumer preferences.  What strategies can lotteries use to meet the challenge?


        IGT Hosts Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality Showcase

        Posted 03/25/2019 by Jim Humphrey

        IGT’s Global Lottery Marketing’s Innovation and Lottery Transformation team partnered with Rhode Island Virtual Reality (RIVR) organization to create an IGT-hosted Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality Showcase in IGT’s Providence, RI headquarters at IGT Center on Thursday, February 21, 2019.


        Special Report: 5 Trends Shaping Consumer Behavior in 2019

        2019 Trend Report
        Posted 01/25/2019 by Ailsa McKnight

        “Beyond the Smartphone,” “The AI Leap,” and “The Polarization of Retail” are among the key trends likely to influence consumers in the year ahead. Find out what these trends mean for the lottery industry in the new special report from IGT, “5 Trends Shaping Consumer Behavior in 2019.”

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