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        Shape your future with us.


        A world of opportunities

        Our employees provide technology products and services to customers around the world, from Gaming Machines and Lottery, to Digital and Social Gaming markets. 

        Be a part of our global workforce. We're in approximately 100 countries, with offices in more than 300 locations throughout North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia.

        Some of our major locations include:

        North America

        • Reno, NV
        • Las Vegas, NV
        • Seattle, WA
        • Austin, TX
        • Lakeland, FL
        • Providence, RI 
        • Moncton, Canada

        Asia / Pacific

        • Beijing, China
        • Hyderabad, India
        • Sydney, Australia

        South and Central America

        • Caribbean Region
        • Mexico City, Mexico
        • Bogotá, Colombia 
        • Santiago, Chile 


        • Barcelona, Spain  
        • Belgrade, Serbia  
        • Graz, Austria 
        • London, England  
        • Rome, Italy
        • Vantaa, Finland
        • Warsaw, Poland  

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